Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Orders finished and shipped on 5/10/2011


  1. Hooray for Three Monkeys Cloth Diaper labels!!! I just used my last one, so I need those bad.

  2. hello Stacey,
    good to hear from you, here is the tracking # of your package it just past NY custom and you should get the new labels soon.
    tracking#: RB311779506HK

  3. I got them yesterday :) Super fast shipping, woo hoo!!!
    I am going to take some pictures for my appreciation photo to go with my feedback. Thanks again for a fantastic job!!

  4. Where are my labels? I really need to get my work out but I don't have my labels yet. Others have gotten theirs even from the batch after mine.

  5. hello,
    please contact us and we will check the status for you.
    our e-mail is
    thank you